ENS DAO Delegate Applications

Thanks for considering putting yourself forward as an ENS governance delegate! Be sure to follow all three steps carefully. If you have questions, you can get help in the ENS Discord .

Important Note: You only need to submit yourself as a delegate if you want to appear in the list of delegates shown when other people claim their tokens. You do not need to submit a delegate profile if you only want to claim your airdrop, or if you only intend to delegate to yourself!

There will be no POAP issued for delegates.

Delegates are not awarded extra tokens for being delegates.

Step 1: Reply to this forum thread using the following template:

ENS name:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

My view on each section of the proposed ENS Constitution

  • Name ownership shall not be infringed: (Agree/Disagree/Comment)
  • Fees are primarily an incentive mechanism: (Agree/Disagree/Comment)
  • Income funds ENS and other public goods: (Agree/Disagree/Comment)
  • ENS Integrates with the global namespace: (Agree/Disagree/Comment)

My web3 qualifications / skills:

Once posted, click the Share button on your post and copy the URL.

Step 2: Add the following text records to your ENS name:

Go to app.ens.domains , search for your name, ensure you have an ETH Address record set, and then set the following text records by clicking “ADD/EDIT RECORD”:

  • “eth.ens.delegate”: the URL to your forum post you copied in Step 1
  • “avatar”: an image URL (do NOT put OpenSea, Twitter, imgur URL or anything NOT image url) or an NFT you own
  • “com.twitter”: your Twitter handle (optional)
  • “com.discord”: your Discord handle (optional)
  • Any other field that you want! Email, URL, description, etc, anything to share about yourself with the ENS community (optional)

Once all records are entered, scroll down and click Confirm to save it to the blockchain.

Step 3: Set your Primary ENS Name

Make sure you have set your Primary ENS Name (formerly Reverse Record) to the ENS name you posted on the forum. Do this at app.ens.domains > My Account.

…and you’re done!

That’s it! You’re all set to become an ENS delegate. Start campaigning for your delegation to garner support from the community.

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy campaigning!

Why should I be a delegate?: I am an L2 researcher and I would like to be a delegate

Interests: Social impact, DAOs

Languages: English

Why should I be a delegate?: I would like to be a delegate

Interests: Identity, Software Engineering, Economics

Languages: English